ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Whilst circumstances may dictate that a dispute must be dealt with through the traditional litigation process in the Courts, Paul Lynch and Partners are also advocates of seeking to resolve disputes through alternative means.

There has perhaps been an over reliance on the traditional litigation process which can often be both an unnecessary and unsuitable process to resolve a dispute, to say nothing of the costs and time involved in having a case heard, the inherent risks of running a case through the courts and obtaining judgement. 

We advise clients involved in a dispute as to how they may best resolve that dispute in the most effective and cost efficient way. We advise clients as to the options available to them and explain how each process will be applied and advise the client through that process. We can also act as mediator for parties involved in a commercial or general dispute.

We advise clients as to the following:
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation (commercial or general disputes)
  • Conciliation (commercial or general disputes)
  • Mediation (family law disputes)
  • Collaborative Law (family law disputes)